1. In Batch, open the batch.
  2. Select Tools > Edit Batch Setup from the menu bar.
  3. On the Batch Header tab > enter the appropriate batch number.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Data Entry.
  6. Resume working in the batch or X out to close it.

Note: A batch number can only be used once, even if the batch has been deleted or is used by a recurring batch. If the batch number you enter has been used before, you will get a 'Batch number already in use' error. To see how/if the desired batch number has been used:

  • Click on the icon next to the batch number field.  
  • Click Find Now and scroll through the batch numbers to ensure the number has not been used.
Note: This process does not apply if the batch has already been committed.


You can also change the next available batch number to default a different batch number when creating the batch.