Confirm the following information with your teachers before proceeding:

  • Are you or your teachers using Downloadable Documents/Shared Documents in FAWeb/NetClassroom?
    If they are not sure, have them browse to the Downloadable Documents folder within the FAWeb directory.  If there are subfolders with documents in them, then the answer to this is “Yes”.
  • If they are using Downloadable Documents/Shared Documents, are they using the default location for them?  The default directory is in the FAWeb program folder.
    If they are not sure, this information can be found in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blackbaud\FAWeb7 in the value "ClassDocsPath".
  1. Change the location of the Downloadable Documents folder to any location outside of the FAWeb Directory.
  2. Restart IIS.
  3. Copy all of the documents from the old folder over to the new location.