Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:

  1. Adjust the 1099 form alignment in Aatrix:
    1. From the 1099 report screen, click Print Draft, Print Copy, or Print Final to arrive at the Print setup screen. (If you had clicked Next Step, you may have received a message asking if you wanted to print the form to get to the Print setup window.)
    2. Click Page Align.
    3. In the new window, drag the ruler markers to change the horizontal and vertical alignment or enter the offsets in the fields provided.
    4. Print Alignment Form or Test Page to preview how the 1099 forms will print.
    5. Click Done when the alignment looks correct and proceed with printing.
  2. Download the latest printer driver:
    1. Uninstall the current printer driver.
    2. Reinstall with the latest version of the printer driver.
      Note: If the problem still occurs, refer to How to troubleshoot a printer problem.
  3. Reboot the workstation.