Try each of the following until the issue is resolved:
  1. In Scheduling, Enter course requests by student, review requests for the affected student and class. 
  2. If multiple unfulfilled requests exist for the class, delete the duplicate course request and leave the enrolled request intact.
  3. Enter grades again in FAWeb.
  4. In Scheduling, Edit student schedules, ensure the student is enrolled in the course. 
  5. Re-enroll the student to enter grades if necessary. 
  1. In FaWeb, Options, Display students with historical information
  2. Gradebook, select class receiving error and see if any grades still exist
  3. If so, transfer student from original section of class back to the previous
  4. Remove the extra grades
  5. Transfer back to appropriate section of class
  6. Make grade changes
  1. In Scheduling, Open a class
  2. Drop the student from the current section of class by unmarking Enroll box
  3. Click enter course requests by course
  4. Delete course request
  5. Go back to Open a class
  6. Reenroll student is class