If the Gradebook is missing for one class, refer to Gradebook icon does not appear for one class 

If Students are missing from the Gradebook or Attendance, refer to Students are missing in Faculty Access for the Web Gradebook or Attendance

Note:  Only classes scheduled during the current term, based on today's date, will show on the homepage in FAWeb.  For example, if today's date falls within the Fall term, only classes scheduled during Fall will show on the homepage.  To access gradebooks for classes not scheduled during the current term, select Enter grades by class from the Gradebook menu on the navigation bar, then select the appropriate marking column and class on the Gradebook page.

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. The teacher does not have access to the appropriate Academic year or marking column for that school: Grant access to the appropriate academic year and marking columns for each school. 
  2. The teacher's restrictions do not have the appropriate school selected.
    1. In Registrar's Office, from the Records page click Faculty/Staff.  
    2. Open the teacher's record, select the Restrictions 1 tab.
    3. In the Schedule in these schools section, mark the appropriate school(s).
  3. The teacher is not scheduled for a class in that academic year.
    1. In Scheduling>click Open a class or Edit master schedule.
    2. Open the appropriate class and select the Meetings tab.
    3. Select New Meeting on the action bar. Or, right-click in the cell of the first meeting time to add. Select New Meeting.
    4. On the Meeting screen, make sure the teacher is assigned to a meeting.
  4. The course is not marked to be graded in at least one marking column for the selected academic year.
    1. In Records> Courses> open the course record.
    2. Select the Grading tab and open the appropriate academic year.
    3. Mark the appropriate marking columns to be graded.
    4. On the skills tab, mark the appropriate marking columns.
    5. Click OK and Save.
  5.  The teacher's user name does not have rights to Online module.
    1. In Administration>click Set up system security.
    2. Open the user.
    3. In the User Type field, select a type that includes online modules from the dropdown menu.
    4. Select the Online Security tab.
    5. Mark Faculty Access for the Web and link to the appropriate faculty record.
    6. Click Save and Close.
  6. The user has Supervisor rights in Faculty Access for the Web, which gives them access to view all gradebooks, but they cannot access their own gradebook for data entry.  Remove supervisor rights for the user: 
    1. In Administration>Set up System Security .
    2. Open the user. 
    3. Select the User Information tab.
    4. Unmark the FAWEB Supervisor Rights checkbox.
    5. Log into Faculty Access for the Web as Supervisor.
    6. Click Setup, Server Config.
    7. Click Clear Cache
  7. Log in as Supervisor and clear the cache using a browser other than Google Chrome. This will push any changes that have been made recently to all other users.
*Note: When logged in to Faculty Access for the Web using Google Chrome as a Supervisor and going under Setup to Server Configuration, and clicking the Clear Server Cache button to force changes made in The Education Edge or Supervisor Setup in FAWeb to take effect immediately, the pop-up saying that the cache has been cleared does not appear, and the cache does not clear. Use a different internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari instead.