When linking a gift to a proposal, the Amount funded and Date funded are automatically updated (except pledge payments or pledge payments for matching gifts) to the proposal. 
  • This is true when you link from the gift record to the proposal record and when you link from the proposal record to the gift record.
  • The Date funded is set to the oldest linked gift date. The date funded will be updated if the matching gift pledge payment or individual pledge payment is linked to the proposal. 
  • If you break the link to the gift record, the Amount funded and Date funded fields are automatically cleared. 

**Note: If you link a Proposal from the Gift record by opening the Constituent record, then opening the Gift record and linking to the Proposal and then saving and closing the Gift record, the proposal will not show the gift or amount funded until you save and close the Constituent record and open it again.  It will then show the gift as linked to the proposal and the Amount Funded will be updated.