1. In Journal Entry, open the appropriate batch.
2. Select the Distributions tab. Note: If the tab is not visible, select the "Transaction Detail" tab in the icon toolbar.
3. In the distribution grid, enter a project ID if you have the optional Projects, Grants and Endowments module. The project description will appear automatically.
4. In the Class column, enter the class for the transaction. (Classes are defined in Configuration).
5. If you have the optional module Projects, Grants and Endowments and your organization uses transaction codes, the codes will appear in the grid. Select the appropriate transaction codes from the drop-down menu in the corresponding cells.
6. Enter the amount or percent to distribute to the project.

Note: To distribute percents evenly over the specified projects, classes, and/or transaction codes in the grid, click Distribute Evenly.

Note: If you need to make changes or enter new distributions, click Delete All to clear the distribution grid.

To distribute a record's (such as an invoice or payment) debit or credit entry to multiple projects:
1. In Records, open the record and select the GL Distribution tab.
2. Highlight the line you wish to distribute.
3. Click Distribution in the bottom left corner and select either the Debit or Credit Distribution.
4. Enter the Project IDs and their desired amount/percentage of distribution.