Steps to Uninstall:

1. Make backup copies of the following on the Blackbaud NetCommunity web server:

- The registry
- The web.config file located in \Program Files\Blackbaud\NetCommunity\
- The web.config file located in \Program Files\Blackbaud\PlugInService\
- The web.config file located in \Program Files\Blackbaud\bbappfx\vroot\
- The web.config file located in \Program Files\Blackbaud\Raisers Edge WebService\

2. Make a backup copy of custom folders (as applicable)

- \Program Files\Blackbaud\NetCommunity\Custom
- \Program Files\Blackbaud\NetCommunity\bin
- \Program Files\Blackbaud\Raisers Edge WebService\Custom
- \Program Files\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\Custom
- \Program Files\Blackbaud\The Raisers Edge 7\Custom

3. Make a backup copy of the following databases (as applicable)

- Blackbaud NetCommunity
- Raiser's Edge
- Education Edge

4. Make a backup copy of the SSL certificate (if applicable)

5. Go to Add/Remove Programs and select Blackbaud NetCommunity, and Choose Remove.
If you encounter errors and are unable to complete the uninstall, click Chat with Support and reference this article.