1. Ensure that you have updated PostalSaver to the latest version. If it is not refer to BB282860
  2. Open the appropriate option in mail to run PostalSaver on (Labels, Follow Up Letters, Envelopes, etc.)
  3. Go to the PostalSaver Tab
  4. Mark run PostalSaver and click Options, Set Options
    • Sort Class and Piece Type - Choose the appropriate Letter types
    • Mail Piece Information - Set the weight and size of the pieces that will be sent out
    • Sorting Preparation
      • Sort Level - Automation (Barcode required), Carrier Route (LOT code sort), Nonautomation (No barcode)
      • Sorting - Choose appropriate options in the window (Zip or Presort, condensed statement, etc.)
      • Trays - Set the appropriate trays to print from
      • Mailing and Permit Information - Permit comes from the Post Office. Enter other organization specific information at the top (Mailing Drop Zip Code, Job Number, etc.)
      • Mail sort discount - Choose appropriate discounts and post office
      • Tray Label Layout - Choose print options and tray dimensions. Enter company information
      • Presort Report - Mark the reports to print and select the printer they will be printing from
      • After clicking finish a summary of the options are on the postal saver tab. Set other aspects of the mailing as normal and process