Typically this message does not indicate an issue with the list. It's normal to see this status while a list is loading. If you have many lists queued for loading, each list will be queued based on the list acquisition and refresh schedule. If you are loading multiple lists at a time, and especially if the lists have a lot of constituents, it may take longer for each list to load.

If you notice this message has been occuring for a long period of time, for example an entire day, and none of the lists show "List is currently loading" try each of the following steps in order until one of lists shows "list is currently loading":
  1. Access the List Acquisition and Refresh settings
    1. Log in to the NetCommunity site as a supervisor
    2. Navigate to Administration > Site and Settings
    3. Click the Schedules tab
    4. Check the setting - List acquisition and refresh. We recommend a setting of every 20 minutes or more. If this setting is updated, click the Save button at the top of the page. 
      • Note: The lists will load based on this frequency. So, if this frequency is set to Daily at 1am the list will not load until the next day at 1am. 
    5. If the setting is changed, please wait until the next refresh cycle runs according to the schedule specified in step 4. 
  2. If the list is using a query, refresh the query in The Raisers Edge.