• Payroll, Reports, Transaction Reports, create a new Payroll Register Report.
    • On the General tab, select Paid Calculations in the Include drop-down menu.
    • Select the appropriate date for the Payment date.
    • Mark the Create an output query of Employees checkbox.
    • Preview the report.
    • Save the query.
    • Close the report.
    • In Query, open the query.
    • Add any desired fields on the Output tab.
    • Select the Results tab to view the number of employees.

      • Create a new payment query
      • On the Criteria tab, select Payment, Payment Date [between] select the dates for the specific range
      • On the Output tab, select Employee Full Name or First Name and Last Name to sort by last name
      • Select any additional fields on the Output and Sort tab
      • Run the query



        • On the Criteria tab, select Employee Summary, and Gross Pay
          1. On the Criteria tab, select operator greater than value zero
          • On the Filter tab, select Pay Date, operator equals, date <Specific range>, enter the date range, and click OK
          • Click OK on the Edit Field Criteria screen
          • Select the appropriate fields on the Output and Sort tabs
          • Select the Results tab