Check Send After Date
Pre 7.1

  1. From Emails > Messages, click the graph icon
  2. Go to the Properties tab and check the send after date

Post 7.1

  1. Navigate to Email>Messages
  2. Click the graph icon
  3. Click Additional Information
  4. Click the Properties tab and confirm the Send After Date

Check Email Job Frequency

  1. Navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings>Schedules
  2. Confirm the Email Job frequency
    • Emails will be sent to the processing queue based on this frequency. 

If the email job schedule currently shows as running but the email remains stuck in prepared status (and does not have a send after date), the email schedule may need to be restarted:

If your NetCommunity website is hosted by Blackbaud
Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:

  • URL to the NetCommunity site
  • Username/Password to access the NetCommunity site
  • Exact name of the email that is stuck in prepared
If your NetCommunity website isn't hosted by Blackbaud
Following these steps until the issue is resolved: