Check Send Sfter Date
Pre 7.1

  1. From Emails > Messages, click the graph icon
  2. Go to the Properties tab and check the send after date

Post 7.1

  1. Navigate to Email>Messages
  2. Click the graph icon
  3. Click Additional Information
  4. Click the Properties tab and confirm the Send After Date

Check Email Job Frequency

  1. Navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings>Schedules
  2. Confirm the Email Job frequency
    • Emails will be sent to the processing queue based on this frequency. 

After the above steps have been confirmed, and if your NetCommunity website is hosted by Blackbaud
Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:

  • URL to the NetCommunity site
  • Username/Password to access the NetCommunity site
  • Exact name of the email that is stuck in prepared

If your NetCommunity website is not hosted by Blackbaud and your version is prior to 6.41:

  1. Restart the BBNC Service.
  2. Check the NetCommunityService.exe.config file to verify the database is listed correctly in the connection string.
  3. Select Start, Run. Enter "eventvwr" and click Ok. Click the Blackbaud folder and the system folder to view the event log to see if there are any errors to correct.
  4. Select Start, Control Panel, Scheduled Tasks to see if there are any scheduled tasks to restart the service. If there are, remove them. If the MailConstrutor service restarts before the email is completely processed, the emails will be stuck in the prepared status.
  5. In the event there is a temporary failure the service may stop. We recommend that you set the service recovery to restart in such an instance. To do this reference BB503192
If this is happening in a test environment:
We do not recommend sending live emails to our email server from a test environment. This could results in a number of issues; including maintaining unique data in 2 databases which would be come almost impossible to reconcile as well as links being coded to the test site which is likely unavailable and turns away the donor base due to pages that appear to be 'broken.'

If this does not resolve the issue click Chat with Support and reference this article.