How to add or remove columns in the Batch Validation Report

When running a batch validation report, there are no report parameters that can be selected.  When the report processes, it automatically includes the first seven columns that appear in the the Batch Data Entry screen. These are the first seven fields that were selected in the Fields tab of the Gift Batch Setup. Remaining fields from the Batch Data Entry screen appear underneath the first seven fields.

Set the first 7 fields in the batch to be the fields you want to display on the Batch Validation Report. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the batch.
  2. From the data entry screen, select Edit Batch Setup from the Tools menu.
  3. Select the Fields tab.
  4. Under Data entry fields, use the Up/Down arrows to order the fields so that the first 7 fields are the 7 columns that are desired on the Batch Validation report.
  5. Click Save, then select Data Entry.
  6. Run the Batch Validation report.



 Duplicated in version 7.85.5026.2

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