One of the following may cause this error:
  1. The System Record ID in the import .CSV file may contain leading zeroes in the System Record ID field. For example, a system record ID of 123456 may have been modified to include leading zeroes as 0123456. If this is the case, remove the leading zeroes from the System Record ID field in the .CSV import file or re-export the query from The Raiser's Edge again without modifying the system record ID for character length.
  2. The wrong field in the .CSV import file was chosen as the System Record ID. For example, if you exported any identifiers from Raiser's Edge other than the actual System Record ID, you may have attempted to map this incorrect field to the System Record ID during the import process. If this is the case, quit the import wizard, re-export the query from Raiser's Edge and make sure to choose the System Record ID as the field to be used by NetCommunity as part of the import process.