1. Create the event price unit within The Raiser's Edge
  2. Edit the Event Registration Form part in the NetCommunity website
    • ​​Note: If the Event Registration Form does not show the new Event Price Unit see this article
      • Event Registration (2.0 non-classic)
        1. Click Edit next to the event you want to add the unit to
        2. Under Event price options, mark the box for Include next to the price you want to include
        3. (Optional) Select No. Registrants, expand Registrant Options to mark and desired fields to include
        4. When finished, click Save
        5. Click Save
      • Event Registration (Classic)
        1. Under Events from The Raiser's Edge, select the event you want to edit from the dropdown
        2. Scroll to Pricing Options
        3. Mark the box for Include next to the Units you want to include
        4. Enter the Participants/unit
        5. (Optional) Enter max units, allow anonymous or select any desired Attributes
        6. When finished, click Save
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