On the Relationship map, a hierarchal view of a constituent’s relationships appears. All relationships entered on the Relationships tab appear in the relationship map. Not only can you view each relationship entered for the constituent, you can view all relationships for each entry in the relationship map.

To view the relationship map:

1.  Choose Affiliations tab on constituent record


2.  Choose the relationship drop down from the Biographical tab

PeopleLink works in conjunction with Target Analytics WealthPoint service to help identify prospects associated with the same individuals, organizations, or companies as the constituent. PeopleLink can help you uncover new prospects and also find connections between these prospects and other constituents in your database.
When you use WealthPoint and PeopleLink services, you can have constituent information sent from the application to WealthPoint in an attempt to match a constituent record with a prospect record in the WealthPoint database.

Once the prospect record is returned with the WealthPoint information, if PeopleLink matches are found(meaning the constituent is associated with other organizations and/or individuals who appear in the WealthPoint database), the associated organizations/individuals are imported and stored on the Extended relationships tab. These relationships can include stock insiders from the same public company; people who are associated with the same nonprofit or foundation as board members, directors, or trustees; and business partners who are associated as colleagues or co-executives, for example.