Ensure How to register WealthPoint in ResearchPoint before completing the steps below.

To Submit a Single Search from a ResearchPoint Record:
  1. Open the constituent record you wish to submit
  2. Click Get WealthPoint Updates on the Wealth Summary tab
  3. You will receive notification on your screen that a WealthPoint search is in progress
  4. When the search is finished, you will receive a pop up notification indicating the search was completed successfully and the notice will be removed

    To view the Wealth details, refer to How to view new Wealth data (BB458528).
To Submit a Research Group for WealthPoint updates:
  1. Go to Prospects > Manage Research Groups and click on the name of the group or list to be submitted
  2. In the Tasks pane click "Get WealthPoint update for group"
  3. The wealth information will appear on the Wealth Summary tab of the record when finished
Note: After you have submitted a record or a group/list for WealthPoint updates, you may continue working in ResearchPoint. It is not necessary to remain on the page while the search is in progress.