How to Access Query
  1. Go to Analysis
  2. Choose Query
  3. Click Add and choose your query type


Query is a powerful tool you can use to segment records in your database based on criteria you define. This can range from prospect ratings and estimate wealth to biographical information such as city or solicitor assigned.

How to create a query
  1. Format Option: Always choose an ad-hoc query (this is the default)
  2. Type:What query type is needed? This is what information the query will be based on. For Researcher's point there are three options:

    • Prospect Research Constituents - Searches on everyone that has a ResearchPoint record
    • Research Groups - Searches on specific Research Groups 
    • WealthPoint Search History - Searches past WealthPoint searches from ResearchPoint
  3. Filter:What characteristic(s) must the records share? Should each record have a certain rating or should they all live in a certain zip code

    • These search options under criteria change depending on what type of query is chosen
    • The Field Explorer window is the part of the record to be search 
    • The Fields box beside the field explorer are the fields that can be searched on that specific part of the record
  4. Output:What information from the records do I want to view? Any field that can be chosen as a Filter can be moved into the output field. To choose a field as output click and drag into the output box.
  5. Sort:What order should the results be in? The only available sort fields are those chosen in Output. Click and drag from Available fields to the Sort box to choose a sort order
  6. Group Filter Fields: Query and Export Guide, Page 6 and 7.