The Volunteer Opportunity part can be created to show a list of jobs on your website. A website user can learn about the volunteer jobs, sign up for a job position, and enter data that is relevant to the position. For example, the volunteer can provide emergency contact information, special skills and needs, and medical needs.

The Volunteer Opportunity part creates multiple volunteer pages. The first page, the job list page, contains a list of volunteer jobs at your organization. The second page, the job details page, appears after a user selects a job on the job list page. The job details page displays information about the selected job, such as its description, start date, and position. The third page is the volunteer sign-up form. This page appears after the user clicks the sign-up button on the job details page. The user completes this form to submit to your organization.

Note: Volunteer transactions appear in the NetCommunity plugin in The Raiser’s Edge. When The Raiser’s Edge processes a volunteer transaction, the data appears on the Volunteer tab on the user’s constituent record and a job assignment for the user appears on the job record.