1. Click Insert, Text Object and add it to the report.
  2. Drag the Address Line 1 field into the Text Object
  3. Hit Enter to go to the next line
  4. Drag the Address Line 2 field into the Text Object
  5. Hit Enter
  6. Drag the City, State and Zip field into the Text Object
  7. Right click on Text Object, select Format Text
  8. On the Common tab, check the box for Suppress Embedded Field Blank Lines
  9. Also check the box for Can Grow
  10. Click OK
  11. Reduce the height of the Text Object to a minimal height of a single line
Note1: If using a pre-existing text box and the steps above fail to resolve issue, delete the existing text box and create a new one.

Note2: If already using a text box object with the Suppress Embedded Field Blank lines then note that each field needs to be on a separate line. Or replace multiple fields with a formula that combines them. Ex:

If NOT isNULL({PHONE1.EN_US}) then
if {PHONETYPE.EN_US} = "email" then "Email:"+" "+{PHONE1.EN_US}
else ""