Please consider the below resolutions:

  1. In Crystal, go to Database > Set Data Source Location to make sure you are attached to the correct exported data file. Refresh the report (F5).
  2. The exported data file created by the Blackbaud export contains incorrect data and the Blackbaud export needs to be researched.
  3. The incorrect value in the report is coming from a Field out of the Export (not from a formula field).
  4. The formula is using the wrong field(s).

    Example: The formula is using {Gift_Amount1} + {Gift_Amount2} instead of (Sum({Gift_Amount1})) + (Sum({Gift_Amount2}))
  5. The formula needs to check for null values:

  • if not(isNull({Gift Attribute Description})) and {Gift Attribute Description} = "xyz" then {Gift_Amount} else {Gift Balance}

  • The formula logic needs to be changed

    Example: The below formula is showing {Balance} for records where {Fund} = "Rainbow Ball" however it should show an empty string (nothing).

    If {Balance} > 0 and {Past_Due_Date} < #01/01/2009# then {Balance}
    else if {Balance} > 0 and {Past_Due_Date} < #01/01/2009# and {Fund} = "Rainbow Ball" then ""

    Reason:  The following logic is included in both the IF condition and also in the ELSE condition:

    If {Balance} > 0 and {Past_Due_Date} < #01/01/2009#

    This condition is part of the check for "Rainbow Ball" but it is also the check for the first IF condition so the first formula check (the IF condition) is always evaluating to True (for both "Rainbow Ball" records and non "Rainbow Ball" records) as long as {Balance} > 0 and {Past_Due_Date} < #01/01/2009#.  This results in the ELSE condition never being processed.

    Fix:  Change the formula as follows:

    if {Balance} > 0 and {Past_Due_Date} < #01/01/2009# and {Fund} <> "Rainbow Ball" then {Balance} else ""
  • If your formula is used for conditional formatting make sure that you don't include the IF when not needed.

    Example, if you want to conditionally suppress a field when Gift_Amount = 0 then you would use {Gift_Amount} = 0 and not use IF {Gift_Amount} = 0
  • The formula is in the Group Footer and is displaying the last value of many values, but the Maximum is needed.  We would replace the field name within the formula to reflect the Maximum of that field. 

    Example formula code:
    Original: Sum ({Gift_Amount}, {Sort_Name}) - {Discount_amount}
    Suggested: Sum ({Gift_Amount}, {Sort_Name}) - Maximum({Discount_amount}, {Sort_Name})
  • The formula is not showing all of the decimal places which can lead one to believe the formula result is incorrect.  In other words your formula should show 0.5 but it shows 1.  
    • Right-click on the formula (from the report design/preview layout, not from the Field Explorer)
    • Select Format Field
    • Verify that correct settings are selected on the Numbers tab
  • If the formula is dependent on a specific value of a field in the export, perhaps that value is not being exported. Open the export and check the Criteria for that field. Ensure the number of records value is blank and not a specific number (ex 1 or 5)