1. Check to see if your linking is accurate. 
    • Go to Database > Database Expert (in Crystal 8.5: Database > Visual Linking Expert)
    • Click on the Links tab
    • Try removing the links (Clear Links button) and re-linking (Link button)
    • If using Crystal Reports XI also change the links from Inner Join to Left Outer Join (BB339584).
  2. Create a group (BB31615)
    • Move fields with unique values into the Group Header or Footer section of this new group.
    • Place the field that could have multiple values into the Details section.
  3. If there is more than one multiple value fields and they are directly related to each other, you can place both of these multiple value fields into the Details section next to each other.  An example of two multiple value fields that are related to each other are Phone_Type and Phone_Number.  For each Phone_Number there should be a Phone_Type.
  4. If there is more than one multiple value field and they are not related to each other then do one of the following:
    • Place one of the multiple value fields in Details and create Sub reports for the other multiple value fields.
    • Create sub reports for all of the multiple value fields.
  5. Verify that the duplicated record does not exist more than once in either Raiser's Edge, Financial Edge or Education Edge.  If it does, delete the duplicated records in the Blackbaud software. 
  6. Verify that any existing Groups are in the proper order.
If the steps above fail to resolve the issue:
  1. Move any fields that should only appear once per group, into the Group Header or Group Footer section of that group.
  2. Create a Sub report (BB61682) with the fields that contain the one-to-many relationships
    • Ensure that you group the sub report by the same group used by the main report
    • Link the sub report by the same field that the main reports is grouped by
If comparing Identical reports and only one has duplicate data:
  1. Ensure that both reports are using the same export data datasource
  2. Preview report
  3. If issue is resolved then export data into a different filename for one of the reports