• The task scheduler feature cannot be used when your Education Edge application is hosted by Blackbaud as the windows task scheduler is not an available feature within Blackbaud Citrix environment.
  • If your organization hosts both NetCommunity and the Education Edge database: We recommend setting the schedule on The Raiser's Edge Web Server as this server should always have an internet connection.
To create the schedule by:
  1. Navigate to the NetCommunity plugin in Education Edge
  2. Click Add Users to NetCommunity link - the Schedule Task screen appears on the Schedule tab
  3. Click Create - the Add NetCommunity Users Task Scheduler screen appears
    1. Run User Import Task box, select the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or one time only) for running imports and click Next
    2. In the Start time field, select the time of day or days to run the import and click Next
    3. Enter a user name and password for the person to associate with the import task and click Next
    4. Review Summary of the import task schedule and click Finish
  4. To run the import process now, click Run Now