1. Open the original pledge
2. Click on the Installments tab, and count how many installments are remaining on this pledge and write the number down. We will need it for step 8. We will also need to write down the due date of the next installment.
3. On the Gift tab, in the amount field, change the amount to reflect the new gift amount.
4. Click the Schedule button
5. Click the Reschedule button
6. Ensure the date in the 'Reschedule installments due after' field falls before the next payment due date
7. Change the frequency to match the original pledge frequency
8. If we are going to keep the same installment schedule and just increase the amount due for each one, enter how many installments the constituent has left (we have this number from step 2)
9. Change the 'Starting on date' field to reflect the next installment due date. (also from step 2)
10. Click Next to review the new installment schedule and make sure it is correct - it will not show previously paid installments
11. Click Finish, OK, then Save and Close