If only occurring on one workstation:
  1. Ensure that the workstation that is experiencing the issue is not set up as a stand alone workstation and that the workstation is connected to the Blackbaud Management Console on the server. Also, ensure that the user is logged into the live database.

If happening to a multiple users / server:
  1. Check with the IT person that manages the database server to see if:
    1. The database was restored to a backup copy of the data prior to the date the missing data was entered.  If so, re-enter the data.
    2. The database has been detached and re-attached from Blackbaud Management Console.  If so, ensure latest database files / backup has been re-attached to Blackbaud Management Console.
Note: If client has their data in Blackbaud Hosting Services, please perform the following:

Contact Support and reference this article.