1. In Accounts Payable, choose Query.
  2. Click New, then choose a Query Type of Vendor with a format of Dynamic.
  3. On the Criteria tab,  click the plus (+) sign to expand the Vendor Account Distribution menu.
  4. Expand Account Segment.
  5. Double-click Account Code, then choose the Operator of Equals.
  6. Enter the correct account code value.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. On the Output tab, click the plus (+) sign to expand Summary .
  9. Double-click "Total Payment Amount."
  10. On the Filter tab, you can select specific dates by expanding "Payment" and enter one date or a specific range.  Do not choose a specific date if you want to see all dates.
  11. Click Ok.
  12. On the Output tab, choose any other desired fields that you would like to see in the results, such as Vendor Name
  13. On the Sort tab, choose any fields by which you would like to sort.
  14. Click Run.