1. See this article for the following behaviors:
    • Error: The connection to the back office web service has been lost
    • State dropdown is missing values
  2. Site redirecting unexpectedly
  3. Ensure that you have internet access by connecting to another site and clicking on a few links (i.e. perform a simple Google search).
  4. Access the NetCommunity site on a mobile device, not connected to the work network.
  5. Ask a colleague at another location to attempt to access the site (this can rule out location-specific connection issues).
    • Note: for items 2-4, please contact your IT department, as this indicates a network related behavior and not a product related behavior.
  6. Confirm the NetCommunity domain resolves to the correct IP address or CNAME record (may require assistance from IT support staff at your organization).
    • If Blackbaud hosts your NetCommunity components, you may perform a simple check for the CNAME by trying to access the administrative URL of the site, which is typically [insertSiteIdhere].bbnc.bbcust.com.
      • Note: You will need to click through the security prompt
      • If you can access the administrative URL, but not the fully qualified domain (friendly URL), this may indicate a DNS or Domain issue, for which you should contact your IT department or DNS provider.
  7. If your organization hosts the NetCommunity site, please contact your IT department for further assistance. You may suggest the following to your IT department:
    • Navigate to localhost/testconfig.aspx on the NetCommunity Web Server. If errors are present, search https://kb.blackbaud.com/ for the specific error and troubleshoot accordingly. 
    • Ensure that the NetCommunity web server is operational and publicly accessible
    • Restart IIS on the web server and attempt to access the site again.
    • Confirm Ports 443 and Ports 80 are open
    • ERROR: System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out - in the RE7 WS Ping test