1. Ensure that you have internet access by connecting to another site and clicking on a few links (i.e. perform a simple Google search).
  2. If possible, ask a colleague at another location to attempt to access the site (this can rule out location-specific connection issues). Alternatively, access the NetCommunity site on a mobile device, not connected to the work network.
    • If the site is accessible elsewhere, be sure to check your location's firewall settings to see if it is blocking your site.
  3. Make sure that your domain name resolves to the correct IP address (may require assistance from IT support staff at your organization).
  4. If your organization hosts the NetCommunity site, ensure that the NetCommunity web server is operational and publicly accessible.
  5. If your organization hosts the NetCommunity site, Restart IIS on the web server and attempt to access the site again.
  6. If NetCommunity is on version 7.0 and below, review [netcommunityURL]/testconfig.aspx. If this page is viewable:
    • Look for any failed tests.
    • If any tests fail for the Raiser's Edge Web Server, and your organization hosts your Raiser's Edge, consult with your IT department.