In The Education Edge:
  1. If the user name is the same, change the user name to prevent Error: User name [Name] already exists when reaching Add/Update users
  2. Break the link between The Education Edge and The Raiser's Edge
In NetCommunity:
  1. Navigate to Users and Security > Users
  2. Locate the unwanted user
If User is linked to The Raiser's Edge, edit the user, break the link and Save
  1. Delete the unwanted user
  2. Locate the user you want to keep
  3. Delete the user you want to keep and generate a new sign-up request in The Raiser's Edge 
In The Education Edge:
  1. Re-link the EE and RE records for the user
  2. Run the Synchronize Data process
  3. Add user to NetCommunity using the Add Users utility
In NetCommunity:
  1. Locate the user and click the pencil to edit
  2. Click "Refresh Now" to refresh role information
The Education Edge Information should now populate successfully.