The process to correct this issue:
  1. To prevent getting an error message from The Education Edge when attempting to add/update users "User ID already exists". Change the User ID in The Education Edge record before re-running this process.
  2. Break the link between The Education Edge and The Raiser's Edge in the Integration Section and Save.
  3. Go to Blackbaud NetCommunity, locate the unwanted user account. If the account is linked to The Raiser's Edge: edit the record, break the link, and then save.
  4. Then delete the unwanted record.
  5. Locate the record in Blackbaud NetCommunity users that you do want to keep
  6. Delete the record you want, then search for the record in the deleted accounts. Edit the deleted record, then "undelete and generate new signup request".
  7. Go to The Raiser's Edge Blackbaud NetCommunity Plug-in
  8. Go to Signup Requests
  9. Locate the User in the signup requests, link the signup to the existing constituent record, and process the signup request.
  10. Go back to The Education Edge, re-link The Education Edge and The Raiser's Edge record for the user
  11. Run the Synchronize Data process
  12. Then run the "Add/Update users" import into NetCommunity
  13. Go back to Blackbaud NetCommunity, locate the user record, click the edit button to open the record, Click on the "Refresh Now" button to refresh the role information.
  14. The Education Edge Information should populate successfully.