To create a tribute section on the donation form, in the Tribute Gifts frame, mark Allow Tribute gifts.
Note: If you use Honor/Memorial Tracking in The Raiser’s Edge, use the Tribute Gifts frame.
  • To remove the Description field from the tribute section on the web page, mark Hide Tribute Description field.
  • If you do not mark the Hide Tribute Description field checkbox, in the Description Text field, enter text to appear at the beginning of the Tribute Information frame on your donation form, such as “This gift is made in honor of someone special.”
  • To allow the donor to select the tribute, select General.

Mark all tribute type checkboxes to include in the tribute section on the donation form. The tribute types listed are the entries in the Tribute Types table in The Raiser’s Edge.
  • To have all tributes from the donation form go to a specific tribute, select Specific. When you select this, Honor/Memorial appears with a Tribute field.

To select an honor or memorial individual from The Raiser’s Edge, click Honor/Memorial. A search screen appears so you can search for the individual.
In the Tribute field, select the tribute type and description to use. Information in this field is from the Honor/Memorial tab in the The Raiser’s Edge. The selections are a combination of the data from the Tribute type and Description fields.

Note: When you include tribute information on your donor page, Mail a letter on my behalf automatically appears on the page. When a donor marks this checkbox, name and address fields appear for the donor to enter this information. You can use this information in a tribute letter.