This can be used to track revenue in different tuition accounts. It may be helpful to track accounts by campus, department, course type, etc. The software has the ability to also use specific accounts on courses as well if you need to change more than one segment on a course.

Set the Business Rule to mask accounts on billing items by following these steps:
1. In Configuration, Business Rules, and highlight General
2. Select to Mask Accounts on billing items using the segment: and choose the appropriate segment (Account Segments are defined in the General Ledger under configuration)

Note: Do not create a new account segment in the general ledger unless you are prepared to have that be a permanent fixture in your account structure. It's always best to attempt to use your current configuration.

On the billing item, mark to mask the accounts.
1. In Configuration, Products and Billing Items and open the appropriate item
2. On the GL Distribution tab, select to Specify distribution using masked segment and define the rest of the segments values

Define the segment with which the course record should be associated.
1. In Records, Courses and open the appropriate course.
2. Select the GL Distribution tab, and mark to Combine Billing Item distribution with this account segment and specify the segment.

Note: If you add a value where there segment creates an account combination that does not exist in the general ledger, the system will use the business rule in the general ledger about allowing new accounts on the fly. For more information see How to add an account on the fly

To define an account number that replaces multiple segments that are on the billing item:
1. Open the course and select the GL distribution tab.
2. Select the radio to replace masked GL distribution of the billing item with the defined distribution below.

For more information on setting up course billing, refer to the Student Billing and Registrar's Office User Guides