Verify that the student meets the criteria for the billing item they should receive.

  • If the exception includes Selected classifications:

1. In Registrar's Office, Records, Students, open the student record
2. On the Bio 1 tab, confirm that the student has a Classification and that it is one that is included in the criteria for the exception

  • If the exception includes Selected degrees:

1.  Select the Requirements tab of the student record and verify that the student has one of the selected degrees for the exception and that the degree is not completed.

note: The degree designated for the student must have a minimum credits value entered in Configuration, Registrar Setup, Degrees in order for the degree to not be considered complete.

  • If the exception has a selected Enrolment type:
1. Select Registrar's Office, Scheduling, Open a class
2. Open the class the student is enrolled in
3. Select the Students tab and verify that the student has the correct Enrolment type