To report on the employee's current GL Distribution:

1. Create an employee query.
2. On the Criteria tab, select Employee Status [equals] Active.
3  On the Output tab, select Employee Information, Project ID and Percent.
4. Select the Results tab.

NOTE: If an employee has multiple project distributions, their name appears on the query multiple times.

To report on the employee's historical distributions:
1. Create a calculation query in Query > New > Query Type = Calculation
2. On the Criteria tab > select Calculation > Employee Period End Date [between Date X and Date Y]
3. On the Output tab > select:
Calculations > Employee Name Fields > Last Name
Calculations > Employee Name Fields > First Name 
Gross Pay Distribution > Account
Gross Pay Distribution > Percent
Gross Pay Distribution > Project ID
4. On the Sort tab > select Last Name 
5. Run the Query