There is no global function in The Raiser's Edge that will convert soft credits to hard credits. However, this can be accomplished by importing the soft credit gift information as individual gift records (hard credit gifts). Steps on this process are included below. 

1. Create a gift query to group the hard credit gifts that include the soft credits.
2. Create a gift export with a format of Comma-Separated Values, include the query, and select the following from the Output tab: 
  • any applicable fields for the hard credit gift (gift amount, gift date, fund, campaign, appeal, etc.)
  • Soft Credits > Constituent ID, Amount, Constituent Name, etc.
3. Export the data
4. Set up an import file including any gift information that should be imported, and import the gifts into The Raiser's Edge.  
5. If you so choose, delete the soft credit information from the original gifts once the import is complete.