There is some interaction between BBNC & Raiser's Edge at different times of the day depending on how your integration is set up. You can view how your integration is set up by viewing your integration settings in Blackbaud NetCommunity.

To review/update these settings:
  1. Go to: Administration > Sites & Settings Configuration
  2. Click on the "Schedules" tab
  3. The email, List Acquisition and Refresh, Role Refresh, Fundraiser Synchronize, The Raiser's Edge Integration Service and User Imports are all parts of BBNC & Raiser's Edge integration
More more information regarding BBNC & RE integration please see the Blackbaud NetCommunity & The Raiser’s Edge Integration Guide:

Here is the full lists of business processes that can be accessed from this page:

Inactive email recipient list refresh - Removes email addresses that have not engaged with emails sent via BBNC with a specified time period.

Email jobs - Select how often to send email jobs.

List acquisition and refresh - Select how often to acquire and refresh email lists.
Role refresh - Select how often to refresh your roles to include the most current member list. This ensures that when users log in, they are associated with the correct roles.

Fundraiser synchronization - Select how often to synchronize the Fundraiser part. The process merges data from The Raiser's Edge with fund solicitor information on the website.

The Raiser's Edge integration - Select how often information syncs with The Raiser's Edge.

User imports - Select how often Blackbaud NetCommunity runs the process to import user information.

Secure payment template update - Refreshes the template applied to the Payment Page for Event Registration and Payment 2.0 parts based on the site design.

Delete email permanently - Permanently deletes eMails and Newsletters from NetCommunity database