1. Open the record for the pledge payment
  2. Select Apply to ... from the Gift menu at the top, then Pledge
  3. Change the Payment Amount to the amount that should have been applied to the pledge (this should be the amount originally entered as the first part of the "split")
  4. In the Amount Applied column in the grid below, change the amount to be applied to match the Payment Amount
  5. Click OK
  6. When prompted to specify what the system should do with the remaining balance, select Create a cash gift for the remainder, and click OK
  7. Open the gift record for the new cash remainder, and manually enter the correct campaign, fund and appeal
  8. Save and close this record
  9. The pay-cash gift will still show the original "split". Return to the pay-cash gift, go to the Split Gift tab, and delete the row(s) containing the split information by right-clicking on them and choosing Delete Rows
  10. Repeat until there is only one row of information (the gift is no longer split). Save and close the pay-cash gift record
  11. Verify, on the pledge record, that the balance has been adjusted and is now correct
NOTE: If the pledge and/or payments have been posted to General Ledger, refer to How to change the campaign and/or fund on a posted pledge and payments.