1. Create a direct allocation using these steps:
  2. In Allocation Management, click Allocations.
  3. Click New Direct Allocation
  4. Enter appropriate information on the General tab
  5. Allocation type - Direct Allocation
  6. Status - Active (or Inactive to prevent use of the allocation)
  7. Allocation pool - Select the appropriate pool
  8. Source method - defaults from the Allocation pool and cannot be changed
  9. Destination method
  10. Select <Use the source method> to use the same method defined as the basis for the selected allocation pool
  11. Select the Source tab. The information on this tab is defined on the Allocation pool selected on the General tab.
  12. Click Distribution to assign projects
  13. Select the Destination tab
  14. Enter the percentage or unit and the destination account(s)
  15. Select the Calculation tab
  16. Select Actual Amounts in the Allocate field
  17. Select Ending Balance as Method
  18. Enter the percent of balance to allocate
  19. Select the appropriate date parameters
  20. Select the Calculation options
  21. Process accounts with Positive or Negative balances or Both
  22. If Positive or Negative are selected, select how the system should proceed if accounts if the opposite balance is encountered
  23. Select the Exclusions tab
  24. To prevent the system from creating any transactions to specific accounts, make the appropriate selections on this tab
  25. Select the Output Options tab
  26. Mark the 'Post batch automatically when allocation is run' checkbox if you want the system to post the batch. If this checkbox is unmarked, the system will create an Open journal entry batch that you can review before posting.
  27. Select a post date. This can be the system date or a specific date and you can enter the date
  28. Select a Journal
  29. In the Report Format area, you can mark the checkbox to include transaction distribution detail and to include all pool balances on the exception report
  30. Clicking Pre-allocation Report will provide a report with the calculations that were made and the entries that will be created
  31. If the Pre-allocation report is correct, close the report and click Allocate now or Save and Close to use the allocation later