1. Create a new Gift Detail and Summary Report filtering by the desired Fund.
  2. On the Columns Tab include the Receipt Amount field in the "Selected Columns" box.
  3. From the General Tab of the report select "Detail" as the Report Type.
  4. Click Preview to run the report. 

Note: This report will display a grand total of the receipt amount for each gift given to the Fund. 
             To get separate totals for each Fund, repeat this process for each Fund desired.

When reporting on only Cash and or Stock gifts, follow the steps below to get a Receipt Amount Summary by Fund on a single report.

  1. Create a new Cash Receipts Journal Report.
  2. On the General Tab of the report, select your desired date range and a Report Type of "Summary".
  3. On the Filters tab, filter on the desired fund(s).
  4. On Format Tab, select "Detail" and mark the option to Summarize by Fund.
  5. Click Preview to run the Report.

Note: For a more robust report that can summarize by Fund for all Funds in a single report regardless of the gift type, you will need to create Custom Crystal Report.