There is no standard report that will present tribute information sorted by donor not tribute.
Alternate Solution:

This export will present the desired information in a spreadsheet format.

1. In Query, start a new GIFT, DYNAMIC query. For the criteria, select, Gift Information, Tribute Gift = YES
Save this query as something like "TRIBUTE GIFTS ONLY"

2. In Query, write a Constituent, dynamic query to focus on the Constituents you want to export.

3. In Export, create a new Constituent export with a file type of Excel 97-2000 or CSV.
Include the Constituent query on the general tab.
On the Output tab, select Constituent Info, Name

Next, select gifts, Tributes, Name
This will launch a gift popup screen.
Enter the number of tribute gifts you would like to include
On tab 2, change "QUERY" from "ALL" to "selected" and include the gift query written in step 1
Apply any other campaign, fund, gift type filters needed
Click OK
On the next popup, indicate how many tributes one gift might be linked to, and include selected tribute types if needed.
Preview data. You will see the donor's name followed by the tribute name
You can include any other field needed such as gift date, gift amount, address fields etc.