Verify that the Custom Report is linked to the correct export and report:
  1. Go to Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Open the Custom Report
  3. Click on the binoculars next to the "Select Export" box and select the appropriate Export.
  4. Click on the rectangular box next to the "Select Crystal Report" box and select the appropriate Report.
  5. Verify that the Criteria/Filters in the Export are correct.
Verify that the Crystal report is pointing to the correct export file
  1. Open the report in the Crystal Report application
  2. Go to Database > Set Datasource Location
  3. Look at the file path and file name at the top of the Current Data Source window
  4. If it is displaying the wrong export file, Change the Data Source Location for Crystal XI (BB406610) or Crystal 8.5 (BB17127)
Verify that the Crystal report is using the correct fields in the Select Expert:
  1. Go to Report > Selection Formulas > Record
Verify that the formulas in the Crystal report are correct:
  1. Go to View > Field Explorer
  2. Expand on the Formula Fields section
  3. Right-click on each formula and select Edit
Are there groups in the report? Are they sorting in a Specified Order?
  1. Right-click on the Group Header section and select Change Group
  2. Go to the Specified Order tab
  3. Review the list of group values
Is the Export Criteria correct?

     1. In RE/EE/FE open up the appropriate Export.
     2. Go to the Output tab.
     3. Verify that the Criteria on each table is accurate.