Note: Although the schema is available, there is no Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) or table map.
You can access the SQL table definitions or database schema directly from your software's Help tab as long as the RODBA module is unlocked. To view the database schema:
  1. If this has not already been completed, unlock the RODBA module
  2. Select Help > VBA/API Help from the main menu bar in the Blackbaud application (RE/FE/EE)
  3. On the Contents tab, select Programmer Reference > Database Reference
  4. Select either [product name] Tables or [product name] Views
You may also access the database schema outside of Blackbaud application by going to C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\[product name]\Help and opening the file [product name]Schema.chm.

  • Unfortunately, this information is not accessible if your database is hosted by Blackbaud. For security reasons, it is only available to non-hosted customers.
  • To create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) in MS SQL, you may use the Database Diagram Wizard:

Create a New Database Diagram (Visual Database Tools)

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