1. Create a new Blackbaud Simple Word Merge in the Export module for the type of letter you want to create (Gift, Constituent, etc.).
  2. Save the first Export with the title you want.
  3. Select File and then click Save as to save it again with a different title.
  4. Repeat step 3 for as many letters as you may want to have the same format.
  5. Optionally if you have Raiser's Edge 7.92 or later, you can create an Export folder called "Config Letters" or a similar name to move/organize your letter-related exports.
  6. If each merge document will contain a different letter with the same merge fields, open each Export created and click Edit Merge Document to edit the merge document.
  7. Go to Configuration, Letters and select the type of letter you want to create (Gift, Constituent, etc.) and either click New letter or open an existing letter.
  8. If creating a new letter give it a description in the Description field.
  9. In the Blackbaud Word Merge Export field click the binoculars to search for the Export created in steps 1-4.  Click Save and close.
  10. To edit the letter later, go to Config > Letters, select the desired letter type, open the letter you want to edit, and click Edit Export.