Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Verify the Asset record has the correct projected deprecation
    1. In Records, open the asset record for the asset that is showing incorrectly on the report
    2. Select the Projected deprecation tab and click Calculate
    3. Review the Projected depreciation tab, and verify this is correct
      Note: If the Projected depreciation tab is incorrect, the report will be incorrect
  2. Verify all depreciation years are generated
    1. In Configuration, click Depreciation Years
    2. Click New Depreciation Year (future) to add more years.
    3. Add as many years as necessary for the desired projection.

Note: Already calculated depreciation will not show on this report. If the goal is to see activity that has already been generated, run the Depreciation Summary Report or the Year-to-Date Deprecation report instead.