The check will need to be reprinted in order to correct the payment date.

1. Void the payment. NOTE- Do not choose to delete the calculation.
2. Post the voided transaction.
3. Purge the check so that the number can be reused for the corrected check.
4. In Banks, choose to Print Payroll checks and EFT notices.
5. Follow the steps as normal, choosing only the calculation you are correcting on the Calculations tab. Be sure that you are choosing the correct payment date and post dates on the General tab.
6. Enter the original check number on the Format tab (the number you purged.)
7. Print this copy to blank paper so that the system now sees this check with the correct payment date in the register.
8. Re-run the 941 and/or Payroll Register to verify that the payment now shows up in the correct data range.