1. Select Config, Letters and double click on the letter
  2. Click Edit Document in the bottom right hand corner
  3. In Office 2003: Select Insert, Field and click on MergeField. In Office 2007: Select Insert, Quick Parts, Field, Merge Field.
  4. Type a value into Field Name: and click OK
  5. Save and Close the document
  6. Click Reload Merge Fields on the toolbar at the top
  7. Line up each merge document field with the corresponding Raiser's Edge Field by highlighting the correct row under Letter Document Fields and then selecting a field from the Available Fields list on the left
  8. Save and Close the letter
  1. Turn off Classic View by going to Letter > Classic View (checked to unchecked)
  2. Recreate the letter in The Raiser's Edge with The Raiser's Edge fields, rather than Word fields, see BB137800