Why don't I see the Create a Case button on Case Central?

I used to be able to create a case on Case Central. Why don't I have that option anymore?  The create a case button is missing. How can I submit a new case? 

We want to help you in real time when you need us. Chat support is our most popular and effective form of support, so we've removed the create a case option from Case Central. You can still use Case Central to view your cases and update your existing cases. We sent a letter to Case Central users on December 17, 2015 (attached). 

These are the ways you can contact Support about new issues or questions: 

For continued assistance on existing cases, you can view and add notes on Case Centralchat, or call Support.

Refer to Maintenance Programs for detailed information about your maintenance benefits or contact a renewals specialist.

  Dec 17 2015 Letter.pdf

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