Gifts are soft credited to deceased spouse's record

When unmarking the checkbox labeled "Automatically soft credit this individual for gifts" on the spouse record,  this option is not retroactive. This means that the deceased spouse will still receive soft credit for past gifts which would include pledges made when the deceased spouse was alive. If the soft credit to the deceased spouse still appears on the original pledge record, the batch module will pull that information from the original pledge record. So, the batch module still sees the now deceased spouse on the pledge and will continue to pull the soft credit information that is still found there into the batch since that is how the batch module creates the pay-cash gift.
To stop the spouse from receiving soft credits for pledge payments that are processed through batch, please follow the below steps:
1. Open to the original pledge record
2. Go to the Soft Credit tab
3. Delete the deceased spouse's soft credit's name on the Soft Credit tab. This will delete the Soft Credit pledge from the deceased constituent's record but maintain the soft credits for the pledge payments that were already placed on the deceased spouse's record. The deceased spouse would then no longer receive soft credits for future pledge payments that are processed through batch.
Alternative Solution:
Apply the gift to the pledge directly through the constituent's gift record to not soft credit the deceased spouse


 Reported in Version ; Duplicated in Version 7.85.5026.3

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