Once the MDB file is exported from The Raiser's Edge database, there is no exact way to determine which export and query were used; however, you can narrow the list of possibilities by doing the following:

  1. Note the list of database fields used in the Crystal report by opening the report, and selecting Database, Visual Linking Expert... from the menu.  All of the tables included in the MDB file are listed. Record the names of all fields not prefixed with an underscore (_) character.  This list corresponds to the fields exported from The Raiser's Edge database.

  2. Go to RE:Export and go through saved export parameters one at a time.  Search for any export for which the Fields To Export list matches the list of fields used in the Crystal report.  Once you have found a match, determine the input query by doing the following.

  3. Close and re-open the export parameter in RE:Export.  After selecting the export on the Open Export window, the Open - (name of export) window appears.  The settings on this window reflect the last time the export was used.  The export is based upon All Records, Selected Records or One Record.  If Selected Records is highlighted, note the name of the query in the From Group field.  

  4. Go to RE:Query and open the query to determine what filter criteria were used.