1. Open Registrar's Office
  2. Click Configuration on the navigation bar
  3. Click NetClassroom
  4. Define the appropriate settings for NetClassroom:
    • Customize

      You can customize NetClassroom for your school by renaming NetClassroom; replacing the NetClassroom logo; linking the logo to your school's URL; setting colors of various elements of NetClassroom; and listing additional websites to appear on users' Home pages.


    • Features

      In Configuration, you can select which features are available to relations and which features are available to students.


    • Grades and Years to Display

      You can select which marking columns and academic years are available to NetClassroom users.


    • Registration Setup

      You can set up how course requests and enrollments should work in NetClassroom. For example, you select which exceptions should be checked.

      You create a setup for each school, academic year, and session combination. In a setup, you can enter instructions to appear on the page, specify whether students can enter requests or enroll in classes, and define groups of students within the setup.

      In each group of students, you specify when students can access the Registration page, when their relations can view information, and control the courses for which they can enter requests or enroll in classes. You can group students however you want. For example, you may group students by grade level for each academic year and session. You may group students in an Honors Math group versus a Regular Math group depending on the type of math course they took in the previous year. For more information, refer to:
      • How to allow students and relations to enter course requests in NetClassroom 
      • How to allow students to enroll in classes in NetClassroom 


    • Announcements

      You can enter announcements to appear on NetClassroom users' Home pages. You control the date range for when each announcement appears and to which schools each announcement applies.


    For more information, refer to What is NetClassroom 7?