How to add a relationship when adding a new constituent in a Gift Batch

Batch is used to enter multiple gifts or constituents into the database at the same time.  With Gift Batches, a user has the ability to add a new constituent when entering data.  However, when they add a new constituent, the Relationship tab is missing. Additionally, users are unable to add Notes to a newly created constituent.
If adding constituents using a New Record screen:
  1. Add the new constituent in the Gift Batch.
  2. Click Save and close
  3. In the batch, select Gift>Go to from the menu bar to open the constituent record and view all the available tabs.
  4. Add information to the constituent record on the appropriate tab.
  5. Click Save and close to return to the Batch.

If adding information through the Constituent Window in Batch:
  1. In the Gift Batch, select View, Constituent Window to make the constituent window visible.
  2. Select Constituent>Define Constituent fields.
  3. Select desired fields for both Individuals and Organizations.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Place cursor in the appropriate field in the constituent window and add the desired information.


 Reported in version 7.50.638 ; Duplicated in version 7.91.5056, patch 28

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