1. Click Start
  2. Select Run
  3. Type the following command:

      For Raiser's Edge 6:

      dbclienw -nREWIN_BLACKBAUD -Z -o c:\log.txt

      For Accounting for Nonprofits 6.3:

      dbclient -nBLACKBAUD32 -Z -o c:\log.txt

      For Education Administration:

      dbclienw -nARWIN_BLACKBAUD -Z -o c:\log.txt

      Note: Replace REWIN_BLACKBAUD, BLACKBAUD32, or ARWIN_BLACKBAUD with the actual engine name if not using the default engine name.

    • If unsuccessful, specify the protocol.

      For example: dbclienw -nREWIN_BLACKBAUD -xTCPIP -Z -o c:\log.txt

      You can also specify the IP address of the server and workstation and disable broadcasting if you suspect network issues may be causing the failure to connect.

      dbclienw -nREWIN_BLACKBAUD -xTCPIP{HOST=serverIP;MYIP=;DOBROADCAST=NO} -Z -o c:\log.txt

      If using NetBIOS or IPX, substitute NetBIOS{MAXLANA=8} or IPX for TCPIP in the command. Replace serverIP with the database server's IP address, replace workstationIP with the workstation's IP address.

      Note: There is no space between TCPIP and the { that follows it.

    • The DB Client connection attempt will display on screen as well as log output to the file specified in the -o parameter.

    • Open the file to see if the connection attempt was successful or where it failed. The last few lines of a successful ping will display the text "Found Server... Started". Save this file for later use, since it may be needed to help troubleshoot connectivity issues.